TeleHealth at Lakewood Elementary

If your child get’s sick at school, it’s not always easy to leave work.
What can you do?  
Children’s Health is pleased to offer TeleHealth at Lakewood Elementary.  With your permission, a school nurse will use video technology to connect your child with a doctor or nurse practitioner at Children's Health.  Your child can be diagnosed and have prescriptions sent to your pharmacy, all without having to leave school or you having to leave work, in most cases*.  It’s a convenient option for care. 
(* Please note that TeleHealth is available on a case-by-case basis and at the Nurse's availability/discretion.)
There are 2 ways to enroll your child with TeleHealth:
Enrollment Option #1:  

Enrollment Option #2:


Contact Mirjam McAngus, RN BSN  (Nurse Mimi) 🦋
office: 972.749.7309
fax: 972.749.7301

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