LOLA After School


Wednesday, September 19, 3 to 4 PM  


This is an informal/casual opportunity for students and their parents to explore LOLA.  


We will have some volunteers there but students still need to be supervised by their parents. 


Lisa Dolliver from the the Trinity River Audubon will be there to discuss trees and students can do a 

leaf rubbing. 

LOLA Science Schedule 2018-2019

Second Gradeweek of  August 21 - week of  September 26
Fourth Grade- week of October 2 - week of  November 7
Fifth Grade-week of  November 13 - week of January 9
First Grade-week of January 15 - week of  February 20
Kinder- week of Feb 26 week of April 10
Third Grade- week of April 16 - week of May 22

Each class section has LOLA either Tuesday or Wednesday of each week during their six week session.

Questions or Comments? Contact our LOLA team